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Designed, engineered and manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, Smart Battery Technologies (SBT) is proud to be named Australia’s leading lithium manufacturer. When you partner with Smart Battery Technologies, you’re partnering with a reliable, sustainable and energised company who puts your power needs at the forefront of their innovations. 

Our engineers have been in the industry for decades, letting both their passion and experience lead the way. By investing in people with industry experience, you’re in trusted hands delivering you the technical know-how and ultimately the highest level of quality in lithium on the market, nation-wide and worldwide. Put simply, Smart Battery Technologies makes great Australian made lithium batteries.


We are the pioneers of quality lithium manufacturing Australia-wide, offering our beautiful nation the choice to support local manufacturing while powering their needs with a high quality Australian made product. Featuring premium specs, our Aussie made lithium batteries is just what you need with advanced prismatic cells, 100amp BMS, 3000 life cycles at 100% DoD.


When you become a Smart Battery Technologies partner you are harnessing the next generation of precision-engineered Australian manufactured Lithium batteries. By utilising a sophisticated process we are able to keep jobs in Australia while reducing manufacturing costs. By investing in people with vast industry experience we can say our technological wizardry is truly unrivalled.


As the whole industry experiences a wave of innovation our seasoned team of experts at Smart Battery Technologies are proudly placed at the cutting edge. Our pioneering spirit and speed to market is central to developing and delivering the highest-quality products the market is craving for. We implement the most advanced prismatic technology together at highly competitive prices—we believe the most competitive.

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