Choose lithium. Choose reliable power.

Powering RV’s, Campers & Caravans

When you’re out on the road you need a steady reliable battery to keep you powered all throughout your trip and that’s exactly what lithium batteries are.

Making the best travel buddy, lithium batteries power your camping and travelling adventures with longer lasting power and can give you up to 3 solid days of use before having to recharge.

Don’t let a flat battery ruin your trip.

Choose lithium, choose reliable power.


Power through the seas without worrying about your battery letting you down. Lithium batteries are perfect for your marine adventures if you’re looking for a reliable, long-lasting source of energy. Enjoy increased speeds and quick acceleration with our lighter weight design.

Golf Carts

Drive with power, drive with confidence knowing our lithium batteries last the distance. Opting for lithium batteries in your golf cart is opting for faster charging with zero maintenance to maximise your play time.

Giving you more than enough power to make it through the whole 18 holes in one single charge. That’s the power of lithium batteries, letting you make the most of your day on the green.


Reliable power for when you really need it, and portable too! Our lithium batteries are lighter weight and longer-lasting so you can focus all your energy on the trip and let the battery power the rest. Bask in your time off-grid without a worry of your battery letting you down. PLUS, keep all your gear and electronics charged so you can explore with ease.

Renewable Energy

Our lithium batteries make the perfect energy storage unit when pairing with your solar panel system.

Easily recharge your lithium battery using a 12V solar panel or DC/DC charger and make the most of your off-grid setup. With lithium batteries, you can enjoy around-the-clock energy no matter what the weather forecast. 


Military and armed-forces around the world rely on portable power and energy solutions with lithium batteries being at the forefront of the best battery technology available on the market. The importance of having longer-lasting power and thus longer operation times is paramount to military operations.

The new generation of lightweight LiFePO4 batteries is much more powerful giving expansive advantages to advanced armed forces.

Smart Battery Technologies – BMS Monitoring

You can monitor your battery with BLUETOOTH which allows you to track the voltage of your battery via your smartphone. The SBT – Smart battery Technologies App allows you to see how the voltage drops with usage, see the current condition of the battery, understand the cranking voltage, and also measure the charging voltage of the battery.

Monitor your Battery with Bluetooth