Australian Made Lithium Batteries

Less time charging, more time adventuring

Don’t sit there waiting for your camping accessories to charge, it’s like watching paint dry and let’s be honest, nobody likes that. ATLAS Lithium Batteries feature faster charging because we know how annoying it can be when you run out of power. Dave.B took his 120AH ATLAS Lithium Battery out for a 3 day weekend and “it performed flawlessly” as it ran his “elements fridge all night without issues”, charged his “phone and drone batteries and was quickly back at 100% in the morning with a solar panel to top it up”.

Power that keeps on giving

ATLAS Lithium Batteries are renowned for their long lifespan. With unrivalled performance and superior battery life we’re proud to deliver longer lasting power to all our happy campers. John.A ran his “Engel 40LT refrigerator for 4 days” on the 75AH ATLAS Lithium Battery and he was confident that he’d get 7 days before a recharge. Bill.A was ecstatic his 120AH ATLAS Lithium Battery ran his “Waco for two days easy, still had charge”. ATLAS Lithium Batteries give you more power so you can enjoy your adventure for longer!

Half the weight of AGM Batteries

Lugging heavy and bulky items on your trip can be rough – it weighs down your vehicle, camper, caravan, RV, boat or whatever your go-to ride is. Not to mention how annoying it can be when packing for your trip and coming home after your trip and having to unpack EVERYTHING. We understand your pain and we don’t want you to be weighed down. We want you to enjoy your adventure! Here at ATLAS Lithium Batteries we’re very stoked to be able to say our deep cycle lithium batteries weigh less than HALF of lead acid and AGM batteries. Feel the weight off your shoulders, choose ATLAS Lithium Batteries!